In 10 Minutes, We'll Show You How Weird And Excellent Brink Is

Brink is a strange game. Is it the next must-play shooter? Is it a forgettable Team Fortress knock-off? Or is it something else? Is it really a decent single-player game? Actually, how does its multiplayer even work?

The best way to explain this odd game to you is to show it to you. I played through it this weekend, and now, if you can give me 10 brisk minutes of your time, I can zip you through one of the game's missions and provide enough commentary so that you can know all you need to know.

Fair? Press play, and let's get started.

I'm playing on the Xbox 360. (The game is also out for PC and PlayStation 3.)


    Ive pre ordered this from steam and cant wait to get into it on the 12th. The singleplayer/multiplayer mission mechanics sound real interesting and the wheel menu looks fast/easy to use. I wonder if the multipayer for ps3 will be absent as the network is down till the end of the month or so they say?. Another reason im happy to be a pc only gamer ;) though i did lose DCU Online through SOE re the hacking.

    Its obvious your playing on a console ;)
    Thanks for the video though!

    Had it pre-ordered since last year and regardless of what all the critics are saying i'll still play it to death because ET still gets a flogging and i expect this to be the same :)

    "Is it a forgettable Team Fortress knock-off?" TF2 is a complete joke atm, you don't need that much skill to play you just need to buy the weapons so hopefully this will put the skill back in the game.

    I would buy it but yeah, $88 retail and $89.99 on Steam is just far too much for what the game looks like it. It's not worth importing either (Which would save me about $40)

    And yes, The Steam version does cost more than a retail limited edition steelbook copy from EB Games Australia. Why?? I don't know. It's stupid.

      Dude has it for $53.99 free shipping, steel book be damned!

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