Is Portal 2 Controlled With Kinect A Good Thing?

I'm on the fence with this, but as Portal 2 has elements of a first-person shooter, and that genre is tricky to adapt for Kinect, it looks like a breakthrough to me. Here someone has hacked Kinect, using FAAST (the Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit), to play Portal 2. Firing a portal is accomplished by extending one's arm 18 inches forward. Leaning and arm and leg gestures control movement and looking.

Kinect Hacked To Play Portal 2 [RipTen]


    The fact that he runs so quickly I can only assume to mean that they sped up the video, to make it look more responsive and to downplay how long it takes to aim a portal and turn your view.

    Even so this isn't too bad, rough around the edges but certainly a possible way to play the game with some polish.

    Portal is the perfect oppurtunity for developing Kinect into a fully immersive gaming tool rather than just an expensive gadget. It would be possible to make the player have to run on the spot and jump, making for a great (if tiring) platformer/puzzle.

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