Is The New Alan Wake An XBLA Game?

We've heard rumours that Remedy was currently working on a sequel to the well-received Alan Wake but now, according to XBLAfans, that game is an Xbox LIVE Arcade game.

"An extremely trusted source has leaked to us that the upcoming Alan Wake: Night Springs will be an Xbox Live Arcade title and not a retail release," claimed the post. "We have seen screen caps, but have been asked not to disclose them at this time."

Apparently XBLAfans has had inside information on other XBLA releases, so we're inclined to believe that the rumour holds weight, particularly considering the structure of Alan Wake itself. Since the game is designed in an episodic way, it would make sense for the next installments of the game to be delivered digitally.

We've asked Microsoft for comment, and we'll update when we hear back.

Rumor: Alan Wake: night springs will be an XBLA title (Update) [XBLA Fans]


    This makes total sense. Digital distribution decreases the risk of piracy, reduces manufacturing and shipping costs and completely eliminates the pre owned market (especially for a single player game)....

    Welcome ladies and gents, to the NEW way we are going to but games... (OK, perhaps that was a little early to claim that, but I don't see this as being a trend that is going away.)

    The only issue with this is the price competition is completely removed. All our issues with currency rates and retail prices are still there, and without competition keeping them honest, what is to say that the price we get will be the best one?

    I don't mind a XBLA title.
    I'd rather they didn't put out DLC for Alan Wake... it was so hyped up but ended up not adding much content to the cliffhanger ending at all. With such a storyline-based game, one would expect something a bit more to add to the story.

    While i am all for more Alan Wake, i would like to see episodic releases rather then have a spin off Alan Wake game which this might be, considering the title (unless it is the title of the first episode). Only problem i have with digital releases like this is my lack of HDD space.

    This would only be good if each XBLA game is a new episode sized game, I'm thinking the length of Dead Rising 2 Case Zero, or Case West.

    I loved Alan Wake, and hope there is more coming.

    Remedy is awesome. Suddenly I imagined playing through a downloadable game built around the 'Address Unknown' shows from Max Payne and I felt all giddy.

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