Is The PlayStation Network Working For You Yet?

We've just had a bash at using the PlayStation Network to no avail - but how are you guys going so far? Has anyone managed to get things up and running yet? We got word that Sony were phasing in a number of regions, including Australia, at roughly 5am, but we're hearing reports that some are having difficulties...

Consider this your thread to discuss the PSN - if you're having issues, or you have had success getting online, we'd love to hear your thoughts.

Drop us your experiences so far in the comments below.


    This morning it started to let me change my password word then quickly returned me to the same "currently undergoing maintenance" screen we've been seeing for the last 24 days.

      I don't know why they even bother.

      They announce it's back up, but currently down because they're flooded with everyone trying to do everything at the same time - so things are coming up and down, and they take it down as ISP's don't like the number of emails being sent so they want to stop people requesting an email and not getting it (not a fault on their part, by the way).

      However, look at all the whining below this post across the entire day. Seriously - if you've waited 24 days, why not wait another 6 hours to get it running?

    Tried about 10:30, West Melbourne. NO DEAL.

    A-nope. Tried a few times this morning. (NSW South Coast)

    nyc at 2:30 am the network was working fine I played some black ops , but now 9:00 pm I cannot login. psn sucks!!!

    Not working in south east qld

    11:00am - No dice. Playstation twitter saying that they have stopped password resets to "clear the back log"

    Tried at 8:30am before work and still getting the maintenance screen(Regional NSW)

    Logged in 8.00 am Sydney {CBD location} changed password went into Home and just lagged like hell... synchronized my trophies but had changed my Facebook password so that failed... tried Qirocity but no luck there... Then had to leave for work but i was on the network for 30 odd minutes

    Logged in fine this morning... Not sure about now, but @Playstation 's twitter account says the service is temporarily down because of the large number of password resets.

    It is still working fine for me, just perfect, ɥɐuƃ ou' ʍʇɟ¡ pɐɯu ʎon souʎ¡¡

    Nada in Western Sydney (11:11 AEST)

    It was working fine for me this morning in NSW, I'd say it is just struggling a bit from the rush of people logging in and DLing firmware and changing passwords.

    Maybe if we collected a whole heap of pubic hairs and weaved them together into a rope and connected it direct to the psn we would have more luck.

    haha so the system crashed because it cant handle all the password resets. What Fail sony.

      Don't dog on Sony, tell me if you know of any server that could sustain itself when a 100 million ppl try to log into it at the same time

    5am, Sydney, all was a-ok. Logged in, reset my password and chatted with a mate before heading out to work.

    I managed to get the firmware update yesterday, but still am unable to change pass word etc...

    But they have not announced anything for Australia yet have they?

    Tried logging in on 11.20am..put my pw in and said it was down for maintenace... grrrrrr

    Was just playing black ops 10 mins ago but got mad and raged lol so I decided to try mw2 instead and it wouldnt find a match so I restarted my ps3 and now I can't log in!
    Sony said they are expieriencing lots of server traffic so that's why some can't log in.

    I still need to create an account. I haven't been able to do that in the 17 days since I got my PS3. I also can't do it now. still says PSN is Offline.

    Still not working here in Syd, NSW. AU LAST TO BE CONNECTED! Europe is online & functioning at the moment.

      Errr. Japan isn't up yet.

    (11:30am, Melbourne) Still more stuffed than Mr Creosote for me...

    948am not working in perth

    11:22am down here in Adelaide. Still nothing.

    I here I was hoping it would be smoother here than stateside...

    new south wales south coast and still no PSN.
    Why do sony its all go and really its not.

      Hey Im from the south coast!

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