Is The PlayStation Network Working For You Yet?

We've just had a bash at using the PlayStation Network to no avail - but how are you guys going so far? Has anyone managed to get things up and running yet? We got word that Sony were phasing in a number of regions, including Australia, at roughly 5am, but we're hearing reports that some are having difficulties...

Consider this your thread to discuss the PSN - if you're having issues, or you have had success getting online, we'd love to hear your thoughts.

Drop us your experiences so far in the comments below.


    I guess it is back down for 23 more days

    Dammit! Still no signs of life (West of the Blue Mountains). My PC's motherboard is shipped away to PCCG on warranty, all my mates are at work or in another city, the PSN is still down and I have the next 4 days off work. I have forgotten how I lived my life BEFORE online gaming.
    This is going to be a Hellish 3-4 days, especially using the damned PS3 browser!

    sony, my little man is 9 mths old and last night he stood up in his cot,reached out and turned on the light switch. he wants to know if you need any help at your network as he is now qualified and capable of turning things on and see’s your struggling with switching on austraia before you announce you have

      Im sure it is not that simple, but the way you offered help was the funniest i've seen so I am going to assume you are right and offer my 2yo as assistant switcher, just if your kid needs a hand!

        he needs a co-worker for sure,he cant talk yet so he needs a translator for negotiations and he takes alot of naps still(flippn the switch takes it out of him) he's not going to ask sony for much - crn office, larger cot a bigger bottle and in return they'll both switch on the network and keep the hackers at bay

    Downloaded and installed new firmware at about 9am this morning sydney time. been getting the 'maintenance' message at every sign on attempt from then on.

    down for almost a month and all were getting is one month free of playstation plus, thats pathetic ,hope it ps3 dies on it ass, im buying a xbox

    12:44 pm, adelaide s.a. here. Nope still get "Service is currently undergoing maintenance" On both sign in and password change.

    Is this "COLD TURKEY"is it? is this how ya feel coming down of a major drug addiction?...whow i dont feel so good,i feel like SMASHIN SUMFIN,Ive been swingin for 23 days and its doin my head in

    1128 Perth time-allowing me to password reset!!!

    Sydney north shore here, was just able to get through and change my password for the first time today at 1.28pm.

    Already updated firmware yesterday.

    And i am now singed into the PSN for the first time in weeks.

    Pew pew time!

    Just logged in. I am in melbourne

    I'm in! 'bout freakin' time though.

    Looks like Aus is good to go.

    1.36pm just logged into PSN from Brisbane !!!!!

    11:35 - Perth, Signed on, Changed password. Logged in !!

    Am now online. Aaaaaaaah eeeyeaaaah.

    1:10pm adelaide, s.a. Now signed in and changed password. PSN Store still under maintenance, haven't tried an online game yet. Time to crank out Killzone 3 for the first time in weeks!

    Yuss! managed to sign in finally after a month without online action! had to resort to playing online poker :( .. but PSN is finally back in Aussie.. for good.. I hope..

    can someone help me out, it says they have sent me an email and i haven't got anything. anyone?

      I was reading this morning that it can take up to 24hrs to get the email to you, due to the backlog of customers requesting it... No doubt due to buying a replacement console as a result of the YLOD - which is where I am atm.

      Luckily I kept my old console, did the old heat gun trick and will turn it on tonight to confirm my details with SONY.

    Can't redeem codes again yet, but at least there's some semblance of life in the old thing now.

    i told u guys my little man was good at flippn the switch,it was simple really, sony gave in to his demands

    Awesome - anyone else still waiting for email to change password????

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