Is The PlayStation Network Working For You Yet?

We've just had a bash at using the PlayStation Network to no avail - but how are you guys going so far? Has anyone managed to get things up and running yet? We got word that Sony were phasing in a number of regions, including Australia, at roughly 5am, but we're hearing reports that some are having difficulties...

Consider this your thread to discuss the PSN - if you're having issues, or you have had success getting online, we'd love to hear your thoughts.

Drop us your experiences so far in the comments below.


    Worked fine for me at 1pm Perth time, had a co-op game of Portal 2 finally!

    still waiting on the email :S

    It's back!!! =D =D so happiness!

    the ps3 network is up and running!!!! we are in n.s.w parkes. and its 7:30pm

    Worked for me no fuss. I also set up a new fresh US account and that worked too.
    No Mortal Kombat pass for online though as the stores down and it uses that for the code not NetherRealms servers, DANG! Atleast my PC version of Portal 2 has finally started.

    yep i've got it back!
    now i'm getting portal 2 on my pc and not caring about psn anymore :D

    waiting for the email!

    In Perth, still waiting for change of password email - ridiculous PSN...... Is there any way around this???

    So are we going to be receiving a "welcome back" package? Or are we going to be left in the dark like our store is for half the updates?

    Still down just west of Melbourne, (error when the system asks for a change of password).

    And the email still hasn;t been sent to me either...

    playstation is not working for me.........HELLLLLLLLLLLLP!!!!!!!!!!

    i live in Texas and when I got back on my PS3 for the first time so I could change my pass and stuff, etc. Well the PS3 website network thing IS DOWN SO HAVNET EVEN CHANGED FROM MY FIRST PASSWORD YET...... so this sucks... But hey its A FREE service so I can wait :)

    why is my psn store not leting me in

    21st of September 2011, I go to sign up, "Server down for maintenance".

    This better be fixed by the time the Vita comes out.

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