Is The PSN Breach Worth Suing Sony For A Billion Bucks?

Is The PSN Breach Worth Suing Sony For A Billion Bucks?

While Canada’s privacy watchdog looks into the PSN breach, a twenty-one year-old Ontario woman moves forward with a class-action lawsuit against Sony.

“If you can’t trust a huge multinational corporation like Sony to protect your private information, who can you trust?” asked Natasha Maksimovic, the representative plaintiff in the suit, in an official release. According to CBC News, Toronto law firm McPhadden Samac Tuovi is proposing the suit against Sony Japan, Sony USA, Sony Canada and other Sony branches for breach of privacy.

Maksimovic signed up for the PlayStation Network and its Qriocity service for use with her PSP and Sony e-book reader. In an official statement, Sony apparently “failed to adequately safeguard certain personal information, financial data and usage data.”

The lawsuit claimed that Sony delayed notifying the proper law enforcement agencies over the theft. According to the suit, PSN users were exposed to “fear, anxiety (and) emotional distress.”

The suit is seeking over $US1 billion in damages. This includes Sony paying credit monitoring costs, fraud insurance and a summer home in Costa Rica. Okay, I made that last part up.

Ont. woman sues Sony over data breach [CBC]

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  • “If you can’t trust a huge multinational corporation like Sony to protect your private information, who can you trust?”

    uhhh…. no one? Didn’t you read that little letter that comes with your bank card that states “memorize the pin and dispose of this paper”? I mean surely you could apply the same logic here.

    Sure you should be able to not worry about sony losing your info, but come on – are you gonna sue someone because you were silly and lazy enough to give him your information?

    When microsoft didn’t let me remove my credit card info, i ended up getting a new card! You brought it upon yourself!

  • and a billion dollars? This reminds me of doctor evil’s ransom message…

    Americans need to get a grip with their lawsuits.

  • I don’t get the lawsuits, especially the ones asking for tons and tons of money. Yes, Sony made some bad calls, but in the end, they were very thoroughly hacked by people who really, really knew what they were doing. Yes, they should have to compensate the people who are affected, in reasonable degrees. But stuff like this just makes me roll my eyes and hope Sony wins out in them all in the end.

    As much as I am not always a fan, Sony IS a victim in this. Just because they are a huge multinational corporation doesn’t make them immune to crime of any sort.

    Same with all the complaining about how ‘slow’ Sony was to reveal the extent of the problem. I think that is BS. I think their first priority would have to be to lock things down, then figure out what the scope of the intrusion actually IS (and it’s not entirely clear even THEY know that yet), and THEN tell people. Starting a massive panic before anyone can do anything helps noone.

    This is going to hurt Sony, a lot. Yeah,sure, they will survive it, and maybe still make a profit this year (Though really, that’s highly uncertain and I am sure the year is close to a write off for them at this point), it doesn’t need to be a feeding frenzy of piranah looking for either a payout, to advance their ’cause’, or who simply don’t like large corporations to kick tem when they are down.

  • I understand people being annoyed at Sony especially over what was perceived to be a pretty slow response. But seriously? You wouldn’t sue your local cops because your car got broken into, you (probably) wouldn’t sue your bank if you used an ATM with one of those card-scanner-things made to look like the normal card-slots.

    Note – it was only after typing this I realised I sound like that damn “you wouldn’t steal a car…”, it was not deliberate!!

  • Woman sues a multinational for no other reason than she could, one billion sounds like a totally wholesome, well-rounded number!

    $1 billion in damages? A 21 year old woman? I’m pretty if she worked her butt off her whole life, everything she owned would be worth less than 1/1000th of that (black market organs and all). I’m sure the ’emotional distress’ of having a PSN account hacked for a privelaged citizen is worth $1 billion.

  • $1 billing huh? Class action? Even if she wins a fraction, is she gonna send everyone in Cananda with PSN/Qriocity account a cheque?

    I think not… Sony should sue her for being a retard.

  • Yet another frivolous litigant, hoping desperately that their headline-grabbing claims will slip through the cracks of common sense and law for a BIG CHA-CHING PAYOUT.

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