Is This A Countdown For The New Soul Calibur?

Is This A Countdown For The New Soul Calibur?

As much as I hate getting drawn into video game ‘countdown’ announcements, I just can’t help myself. This one, found on the Namco Bandai Japanese website, is rumoured to be for the new Soul Calibur game.

Idle speculation time – since reboots are all the rage in the world of fighting games, could we be looking at some form of Soul Calibur reboot?

It worked for Street Fighter IV and Mortal Kombat.

I’d love to see a new iteration of Soul Calibur that made the series a bit more relevant again. I was a huge fan of the first two games, and sort of lost interest afterwards. Maybe it’s time for the 3D fighter to have some sort of resurgence?


  • Street Fighter IV really wasn’t a reboot. Continuity wise (if you really think that sort of thing is worth anything at all) it slots in somewhere between SF2 and SF3. It was more of a “let’s finally release a new Street Fighter for those that are sick of Third Strike.”

    With Soul Calibur, I wonder which characters from other franchises will be in the next one?

  • Just hope this one doesn’t have entirely out-of-place cameos (SC IV) or lack of single-player content (SC: Broken Destiny).

  • If they do reboot it, I hope they rethink the visuals. Soul Calibur’s character models have gotten progressively uglier with every iteration since the first one. I’d love to see them take a page from SF4’s book and go to a more stylised look rather than trying to be ‘realistic’. No real point pushing realism when your game has lizard people, evil ghost pirates and demon swords.

    While they’re at it, no more stupid gimmicky cameo characters please. The Star Wars characters in the last one were game-breaking.

  • Soul Calibur 2 was amazing. It’s just a shame I never got to play as link or spawn in the Gamecube/Xbox versions.

    If they do make a reboot, they’ll need to cut Kilik’s staff a bit shorter and make Mitsurugi less invincible.

  • Is this the one where the characters are nothing but a pair of tits and arse tied up in string?

    I would post the comic that I am thinking of but I cannot find it 😛

  • Now that that Edge idiot (you know that fool suing game companies over his trademark) has been dealt with can they call the reboot Soul Edge?

    Also get the soundtrack from the first game (was SoulBlade on the PS1) it was an epic soundtrack.

    Also no Yoda (Link was cool though – tis the reason I got the GC version of SCII) but if its a reboot then crossovers should be off the table.

    • Yeah I agree, it would be great if they went with “Soul Edge” for a fresh new name (even though its technically olde), and I would love more expansive environments, imagine fighting through an whole castle for example?!

  • Loved SC1 & 2. SC3 took ages to load (PS2 exclusive). SC4 isn’t bad…

    I don’t know whether I’d want more Soul Calibur to be honest.

  • New SoulCal would be awesome, I played the hell out of IV and though I can appreciate peoples hatred of the game-breaking Yoda I think the exclusive characters keep things interesting.

  • If rebooting Soul Calibur means returning Ivy’s breasts to their previous ‘human’ dimensions then I’m all for it…

    If that’s not the case then they’ll have to completely re-vamp their physics engine to accomodate the gravitational effect that her absurdly expanding bosoms will have on the game’s various tides and water levels…

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