It Only Does Bullet Holes

Tip: Turn the sound off. No, really. Do it. Unless you enjoy moronic slurs! Otherwise, witness what a Desert Eagle can do to a borked PlayStation 3.

The US Constitution gives its citizens the right to bear arms. That doesn't necessarily mean everyone should.


    My god that guy is a douche... kinda wish the roles were reversed, but I'm sure the ps3 isn't going to sprout arms and legs anytime soon

    Americans are coooooooool

    Ugh... more gun-glorifying crap from Kotaku US.

    If I wanted to watch mouthbreathers overcompensating their own inadequacies by shooting at things with inordinately large weapons... I'd go straight to Youtube.

    Honestly these are some of the most immature rednecks... Instead of wasting ammunition, how about learning to fix such problems opposed to resorting to our pointlessly destructive nature.

    Grow up

    They're just teenagers having fun. And they are more than aware of how to use firearms in a safe manner. It's cokeman2423 from youtube. I think the holier than thou reactions you all are having is far more unsettling then the kids behavior in this video. Every on of your comments is a jump to conclusion look at me I think I'm intelligent odorous pile of shit.

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