It’s Deus Ex Running On Not One, Not Two, But Three Monitors

It’s Deus Ex Running On Not One, Not Two, But Three Monitors
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It was just this morning we were taking a good, long look at using three monitors for your PC gaming. And now, whaddya know, we have footage of Deus Ex running across three monitors!

There are some at the pointier edge of the glorious PC master race who will no doubt endorse this kind of business, but really? You can really enjoy a game like this? The bars of the monitors just break it for me. It’d be like playing a first-person game where instead of a person, I was a space shuttle pilot.

Which would be awesome if that’s what the game was about, but since it’s not, it’s stupid.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution will support DirectX11, 3D and AMD Eyefinity [PC Gamer]


  • If I had the money I would go for 3 monitors and set them up like that, I think I would want monitors that have no frame around them though so the picture seems like it fits together better, if they even make those!

    Maybe when I’m rich.. one day..

  • Happy days…I love when games work out of the box for my eyefinity setup. I’m looking forward to this game. Hey Switch definitely get into when you can, it doesn’t work with everything which sucks, but most games support it, and it’s all about the immersion.

  • I gotta saw I loved the idea of 3 monitors enough to go out and get ’em paid $170 for each 23″ LC LCD LED and it works great in games like Crysis and Portal 2 (though that has a cursor bug atm). I find once I get into a session I don’t notice the separation between monitors

    When the monitor pirce is so low it’s worth it too me. Also working on 3 monitors is a pleasure as a web dev.

  • Why not just chuck a 40 inch flatscreen on your desk? Large playing area without the bars…just sayin’

    • Because it sucks sitting close to something that big when it only has the resolution of a 23″ monitor.

      In other words, 40″ @ 1920×1080 is not something you want to sit close to.

    • “Why not just chuck a 40 inch flatscreen on your desk?”

      Even if the resolution went beyond 1080p, a screen that big belongs in the living room – not a computer desk.

    • mainly because it has little to do with size and more to do with immersion.

      Your 42″ flatscreen is the same as my screen based on the distance you sit away from it.

      (if i ignore that my screens have way better specs than the TV)

      it’s more about length than height.

    • I’ve got a better idea.. get 3x 40″ screens and run eyefinity on that! As pointed out though TVs make for shitty monitors.

      I run eyefinity on 3x 22″ monitors. I love it to bits. Gaming is so much more emersive and having such a large desktop kicks ass. Its my new standard – just as I swore off single monitor once I got two, I will never go without 3 again.

      Now when I play consoles it shits me not having the extended FOV.. maybe I need 3 TVs in the living room to now.. lol

      Protip: If any of you are switching between profiles to allow you to maximise to each screen, dont. Leave it as a single desktop and use Zonesize –

  • I’m jealous of my mate who has 3 dell u2711s running in eyefinity… I need another 2 and a more modern video cards than my crossfire 4850s to make that happen.

  • I’ve been fighting the urge to go triple screen for a while, the rest of my mates have all caved. The biggest issue is heat if your running Crossfire/SLI. The amount of strain running 3 screens puts cards under means your primary card cooks like a bitch, and considering most cards put both 16x PCI-E slots next to each other means you restrict the air flow to the primary.

    You can remedy the heat issues by dropping your secondary card down into an 8x slot however triple screen gaming uses so much bandwidth that unlike single screen running one of your cards at 8x really does hurt your performance (the difference between 16+16 and 16+8 in single screen is non existent).

  • Triple screening FPS games takes a bit of getting used to. At first it gave me a headache, because so much was moving in-front of me.

    On games like Arma 2, with TrackIR support, it’s gaming bliss, especially while flying.

    The middle screen still has the same stuff on on it that a standard, single screen would have, but the outer two screens give a little more immersion, I guess. The edges of the screens don’t really play into the game at all, because all the extra screens do is give you a wider FOV.

    I’m running at a resolution of 5760×1080, on three 24″ screens, using two GTX480s.

    And Korwin, the heat issue is a valid concern, but providing you have a decent airflow in your case, there isn’t any issues whatsoever. Under load (Furmark), I’ll hit around about 95 degrees on my top card. To put that in perspective, the thermal cutoff for a GTX480 is 125, and thermal throttling kicks in at 105. I’ve been running this way for a while now, with no problems.

    • True but at this point you are dependent on what the configured thermal cut off point is. My mates GTX 460’s would start to cave in around the 85 degree mark and my other mates 5870’s and 6970’s were far off after that.

  • Correction: It’s Deus Ex **THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE** Running On Not One, Not Two, But Three Monitors.

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