It's Nice To See Mortal Kombat Putting Skin On For Once

As reported yesterday, the new Mortal Kombat's first dose of downloadable content delivers new skins for the game's wacky human ninja crew, in honour of the early '90s law of ninja costume conservation.

In order to keep this from being the laziest collection of downloadable content ever, the MK team has also brought three classic fatalities back to life, including Skeleton Scorpion's Flambé Surprise, which might not be the official name.


    ..except for the fact Scorpions original costume doesnt come with swords, and the fact that the original costume (MK2) for the girls doesnt have the open/exposed front bit...

      ...except for the fact that Scorpion has swords on his new costume and moves that use them so they had to include those swords and the fact that no one said it was going to be the MK2 costumes for the girls.

    Wtf, sub zero changes to smoke during scorpians fatality! How did they not notice that!? lol

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