It's OK To Be Jealous Of Europe's Arcana Heart 3 Super 3D Boobie Edition

All we saw of Examu's girl-on-girl fighting game Arcana Heart 3 in North America was a lousy downloadable PlayStation 3 exclusive. Not only does the game come on both the PS3 and Xbox 360 in Europe, it's packed with simulated breasts. Curse you, Europe!

Limited to the other side of the pond and weighing in at £41.66 (about $70), the Arcana Heart 3 : Sugoi Oppai Fans Edition packs everything the all-girl fighting game fans could want in one tight little package. There's the game itself, of course, along with the 144 page Japanese Arcana Heart 3 artbook, the official soundtrack (exclusive to this edition), 12 art cards filled with special moves and secrets, and a mouse pad depicting Mei Fang and two of her close friends.

Am I jealous? Only a little bit. After all, if you've used on boobie mousepad you've pretty much used them all, which is why I try to avoid touching them. That, and this special edition is limited to 500 pieces, so it's not like Europeans will be running around everywhere flashing their fake anime girl chests about.

Still, it would have been nice to get a box or something for North America. I suppose I could always just import the region-free PlayStation 3 version if push came to shove.

Or I can just make my own limited edition version of Arcana Heart 3. That'll show em!


    I picked up the downloadable version off US PSN and was dissapointed so I'll pass on this.

    I've got my US 360 copy of Record of Agarest War LE for boob mousepad goodness :p

    The elevation on those pillows doesn't seem correct compared to her picture.

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