It's Time For Chrono Trigger To Join The Wii's Virtual Console

Looks like the original SNES version of Square Enix's seminal role-playing game Chrono Trigger is bound for the Wii's Virtual Console service. The ESRB recently rated Chrono Trigger for Nintendo's platform, so expect the 16-bit version of that JRPG favourite to show up on a Wii Shop Channel near you. (The PlayStation port is also imminent for North American gamers.)


    ...except for Australia.. lol

      You'll be downloading it on your Wii2.

      Good time to be a Connection Ambassador though

    By "near you" he means "straight across the Pacific ocean, around a few bends"

    My favourite game of all time, I was jumping for joy when they announced the DS version, and preordered as soon as I could. It's great no matter how many times you've played it (3 for me).

    The PS1 version is quite disappointing though with all the loading times while opening and closing the menu, as well as before and after battles.

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