Japan Earthquake Sends Erotic Game Maker On Hiatus

Japan Earthquake Sends Erotic Game Maker On Hiatus

When March 11’s earthquake shook North-eastern Japan, lives were lost and destroyed. Less importantly, video games ended up delayed and canceled. As the country continues to pull itself from the wreckage, one adult game company is stating that for the time being it cannot go on.

Ari Design, known for its bishoujo adults-only games, is based in Ibaraki Prefecture, one of the areas hit hardest by the earthquake and tsunami. In an official statement, the company stated that its three bishoujo brands are going on hiatus.

According to the release, two main scenario writers experienced family issues due to the March earthquake. The release did not specify what those were. Because the main writers are taking time off, the company decided to put all its erotic games on hold. The fan clubs for the company’s eroge brands will continue to be operated and asks fans to wait until they resume game development.

The company also makes boys’ love and otome games for female players. Development on these titles will continue.

The hiatus will begin once upcoming bishoujo title Kimi to Noku to Eden no Ringo is released this June. The game was originally slated for a May release, but was delayed due to March’s earthquake.



    • You’re right.

      The writers experiencing family issues ater an earthquake and a game company with many fans no longer being able to continue their flagship titles (adding further, albeit very minor, disapointment to their lives) is totally a silver lining.

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