Kinect Googly Eyes, Crimson Alliance, Kinect Me And More Outed By Aussie Ratings

Microsoft may be running shorter on genuine new surprises for this year's E3 expo, as Australia's ratings classification board shines a light on new, unannounced Xbox 360 and Kinect games. That said, I'm dying to find out what Kinect Googly Eyes is.

Kinect Googly Eyes is just one of a handful of new titles tied to Microsoft that's had its named revealed by Australia's OFLC. Some are pure mystery, like Crimson Alliance from developer Certain Affinity, developer of multiplayer components for Halo 2, Halo Reach and Left 4 Dead. Oh, and Age of Booty, of course.

There's not much to go on with names like Fusion: Genesis and Kinect Me, other than that the latter is clearly a new Kinect title. Two additional Fusion titles (not Fuzion), Sentient and Vault, were recently trademarked by Microsoft.

Tetris Party Challenge? That's probably an Xbox 360 version of Hudson's WiiWare game, Tetris Party.

Additional titles Hole In The Wall and Fruit Ninja Kinect were similarly outed via game rating entities. Don't be surprised if some or all of these make an appearance at E3 2011 in a few weeks.


    Fruit ninja kinect should actually be quite fun, looking forward to that

    Is Hole in The Wall just a Kinect version of Chat Roulette?

      Or could it be the first kinect sex game? ;)

    Kinect Me sounds like a Skype type thing, or an automatic avatar maker. I think fruit ninja would get tiring standing up and accuracy may make it far less fun.

    Maybe it is just like in James Pond II, Robocod, where every object in the game had Googly Eyes in that one level (anyone remember it)?

    Mind you, Rare has mentioned Googly Eyes in the past. See point 3 on this blog.

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