Kinect Has Finally Found Its Way Into The Women's Change Room

European clothing giant TopShop ran a little test in a Moscow store recently: hook a Kinect camera up to a mirror and let the ladies try on clothes without having to actually try them on.

It sounds good in theory, and in some instances looks good in theory, but its practical use is limited somewhat by the fact they're at an actual store. With change rooms available, and the clothes actually in their hands. Why see a poorly fitting virtual representation of an outfit when you can walk 10 metres and see what it looks like in the flesh?

Still, it's a neat idea!

[via TDW]


    online shopping on xbox live anyone?

      Jason.... Jason..... JASON.... JASON... JASON!
      *presses 'X'*

      Sorry I saw your name and had to do it!

      The trying on clothes was actually part of the Natal demo a year or two back so it is not surprising.

    microsoft wants to make women look fat it seems.

    that guy looked like he enjoyed it

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