L.A. Noire Has 'Rockstar Pass', We're Just Not Sure What That Is Yet

The next big Rockstar Games release may be hopping on the "online pass" bandwagon, with word of the "L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass" coming from Microsoft today. The 800 Microsoft Point purchase gets you... well, we're not quite sure just yet.

The latest Xbox LIVE Newsbeat email newsletter pegs the release of the "L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass" for May 17, the same day L.A. Noire hits the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. That add-on will "take your 'L.A. Noire' experience to the next level" according to Microsoft. Not very descriptive.

If I was guessing though, it might provide access to some or all of those retailer specific pre-order goodies - detective cases, outfits, weapons - or a stream of post-launch downloadable episodes. Rockstar promised just recently that we wouldn't have to wait for much of that content to be made available to L.A. Noire buyers who aren't fans of retailer pre-order exclusives.

One thing's for sure, Rockstar Games wants you to buy Team Bondi's L.A. Noire new or pay an extra fee to get that digitally delivered content.

Kotaku has reached out to Rockstar for comment on the "L.A. Noire Rockstar Pass". We'll let you know what they have to say.


    Well here is the thing. My good friend 'Grubby' who should post a comment here to let me know he is still around... is buying a copy of the game. on XBL it has 3 discs. As all 360's have the install to HDD option, my plan was to just borrow his game, install the entire thing to HDD then just borrow the relevant disc from him.

    I am currently assuming that this will work as disc swapping is confirmed to occur at logical intervals within the case progression (confirming that the extra discs are not to be pre loaded).

    What I am assuming though is that this will NOT work, because of this online pass thingy. It will be console/gamertag specific and as a result, I will not be able to do this.

    What will be interesting however is, IF I buy this pass, will my plan still work. It will mean that I can still borrow the game from a friend, but for me to play it online, I have to spend 800ms points.

    If that is the case, I am actually OK with this I think. I still give money to the devs and i get to play what is looking like a great game....

    Interested to see what this does though?

      I don't believe that will work.

      As I understand it, the disc needs to be in the drive for DRM purposes... even if the game loads data from the hard drive.

      Also, the fact that we're a week from the game launching and that there's been zero mention of multiplayer suggests this wont activate online play.

      I suspect this is a 'Cerberus Network' style thing.

        I am still thinking it will work.

        If it was like Forza 3 then NO. In Forza, you got 2 discs. You played the game using one disc, the second disc was pre loaded to HDD to give you extra features. One disc was all you needed to play the game afterwards. The other disc was useless.

        With this one however, when disc swapping has been mentioned:

        “Since the game is built around the concept of progressing through individual cases from desk to desk, players on Xbox will find disc-swapping is hassle-free. In fact, players will only need to swap discs twice at natural breaks between cases without interrupting the flow of the game.”


        it clearly states that with 3 discs, players will only have to only swap twice (suggesting to me that each disc has roughly 1/3 of the game on it). As a result, once someone has finished with disc 1, they could lend it to someone while they played onwards with disc 2???

        I still think that this will work. I doubt that will be the case, but I can't see any evidence to suggest it wont work so far!

          Yeah, I think that's how it works. Like how you'd play an old multi-CD Playstation game.

    I'm guessing it will be all the pre-order DLC, Rockstar mentioned they didn't want a similar incident with RDR (in the US at least with those pre-order DLC goodies, turning up a year late).

    Even so, retailer specific DLC needs to DIAF, sure they want something unique, but in the end the publishers are only screwing over the important people, the customers buying the game.

    That being said, I have a friend who I gameshare with, so I've got my pre-orders at EB and GAME, he is getting it from JB, I'll simply grab the DLC from EB and return the game, we'll have it all then.



      Teams of 30 or 40 get to play together. 1 person is the daring criminal that must move about town unknown in a sea of civilians committing crimes without leaving and traceable evidence.

      Everyone else gets to play the police squad tasked with catching this criminal. Few of you will be detectives working the case. Some will be patrolmen tasked with driving around town aimlessly and endlessly hoping to catch the criminal in the act. Others will be given the wildly exciting jobs of writing reports, filing
      documents, sitting at your desk and then going home to your families.

        Dude. I want this game now. Imagine wanting to go to work (IRL) because you had too much paperwork piling up in game!!!

        A true detective sim would be awesome.

        The first DLC will be 'Steakout'
        Basically it's like 'Desert Bus' without the driving!

          You should get short breaks to go get donuts and coffee, and pee in the alley though. Maybe we can get these guys to do it


    Really awful name... doesn't fit the theme at all.

    Should be called the APB, or The Dragnet or something.

    "That add-on will “take your ‘L.A. Noire’ experience to the next level” according to Microsoft."

    Yes, but then so would a pack of cheetos and 2 litres of coke. And if you want to skip a few levels you need the all new 'Coke+' pack, coming to a shady backstreet near you.

    So can anyone tell me if the dlc will be able to be downloaded on the PS3 if it is still down??

      No because the playstation network is down, meaning inoperable, not working, out of action, no cash here, here no cash chopper.

      haha i am not a fanboy but xbox FTW

    I have just started playing Heavy Rain, I will have to hurry up and finish it so I can start this one when it's released.
    It sounds like it's going to be great, can't wait.

    grubby u r .................................................................................................................................

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