L.A. Noire's Homicide Captain Wants Results, No Matter What

Here are some new screenshots of L.A. Noire's hard-nosed homicide captain, James Donnelly. Though you may have seen him in previews and screens before, Rockstar wants you to really get to know the man. [Rockstar]


    there just seems, on trailers and such, that there is TOO much detail done to the faces, and not enough to their body movements. Like they'll talk and there will be on slight shoulder move, and the fact their face is so well rendered makes the back-ground look like a card-board cut-out in comparison.

      I shall reserve judgement until I play the game. Cause this is going to be AWEEEEESOME! Well, maybe I won't.

    I know why Rockstar wants us to get to know him, my guess is that he is going to be the villain in the end. Just speculation after watching L.A. Confidential (note: not a spoiler if the movie is over 10 years old)

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