Latest Hacker Target: Codemasters

Four days before the North American street date for DiRT 3, password and login data for Codemasters' website was posted online, the developer said, making it the latest name in games to suffer an online attack.

Codemasters told that it discovered the breach on Friday, took its website completely offline and repaired a security hole. The developer said someone tried to gain administrative access to the corporate website, and the attack "may have allowed alterations to our company website."

Codemasters says that "while some staff admin names were obtained, passwords were all encrypted".

Codemasters Latest to Suffer from Hacked Data []


    Just goes to show, pretty much no-one is safe on teh Internetz...

      What?... because codemasters got hacked?

    What did codemasters ever do?

    And what is that crazy looking car with the awesome peripheral vision and giant blindspot in the centre?

      They removed Colin McRae's name from the DiRT series officially of course!

    Is it hacker mating season or something?

    Everyday you hear about a new hack.

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