Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean's Small Twists, Amazing Cutscenes

Less than two months after the last Lego video game, we've got a new one. March's Lego Star Wars III was a big surprise, an epic evolution of the series, offering grander spectacle and new types of levels.

This week's new Lego Pirates of the Caribbean is a more conservative effort. Nevertheless, it does the best Lego recreations of movie scenes I've ever seen in this series. Plus, it's got pirates, pirate ships and pirate battles. Good stuff, but not revolutionary stuff. Take a look.

(I'm playing on the Xbox 360. The game is also out for PC, PlayStation 3, Wii, DS and 3DS.)


    Is it me or does the game look amazing for a Lego game?

    It does. I played the demo and couldn't believe how nice it looked.

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