Link Is Dreaming Of Some Creepy-Ass Pokémon

Cosplay can be great when a piece is a painstaking recreation of the original. There is, however, nothing stopping it from being great when there's a bit of gender-bending going on, either.

Rmthompson1979's shot of Abigail here, dressed as Zelda's Link, is proof of that.

She's far from the only amazing picture we've got this week though, as a red Spartan goes overboard with attention to detail, some Pokémon cosplayers go all slow-motion on us and, going back to Zelda for a moment, a Skull Kid shows they look just as weird in the real world as they do in Hyrule/Termina.

Fancy Pants is a look at the world of cosplay (costume play), where people dress up as their favourite video game characters. Sometimes it works! Sometimes it... yeah.

As seen on ohad*.

OK then.

When the Mushroom Kingdom meets the Village People.

As seen here.

As seen on Samcraft.

As seen on Gixxer85.


As seen on TyrelAirizon.

As seen on Lionofdemise.

As seen on makecowsnotwar.


    Cosplay; the only thing that can go from "AWESOME" to "OH GOD MY EYES" in 0.02 seconds.

      Make us a tablet of your wise words, me lord.

    Love the last one - perfect use for a Light Saber.

    The Majora's Mask and Sheik cosplays are also very well planned and executed.

    Oh man, that spartan armour.


    Agreed. That spartan armour was spot-on.

    That bowser.... *shudder*

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