Looks Like Carmageddon's Making A Comeback

Carmageddon's official site is displaying a countdown that will reach zero early the morning of June 1. The site is registered to Square-Enix, the series' owner (acquiring it with Eidos). The series' last release came in 2000; a Carmageddon 4 had been rumoured in 2005 but was put on hold indefinitely.


    It's about bloody time!! I been wanting a new carmageddon game for YEARS!!!!!!!

    I just hope it doesn't turn out to be rubbish like TDR2000.

      Well the rumours are that Stainless have got it back and TDR2k Was done by Torus. If true, that means the original sick, twisted but utterly brilliant minds who did the first two will be back in the driving seat.

      I personally still chuckle like a deviant every time I in leash the ped repulsifier... (Sproing!!!!)

      (btw. if you run carmageddon.com through 'who is' it is now pointing at Stainless.... :) )

    Don't be too happy - will never be classified in Aus

      Agree, the premise alone is a sure RC without putting pretty graphics on it.

    F***ing Yeah... I have been holding out for this for years now.

    But pessimism tells me its either a HD remake of the first or an iPhone game.

    Time for some Electro Bastard Ray!

    Oh and pinball powerup.


    I was in the war!

    I hate to be a killjoy here, but good f'ing luck getting that into the country.

    Never-the-less I do hope that it's going to be on PC, not just an exclusive for the console market.

      If it's anywhere near the same difficulty as getting MK into the country then it should be a piece of portal pie!

      Since when does a game being banned make if hard to get hold of?


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