Looks Like The Witcher 2 Is Also Coming To The Xbox 360

Looks Like The Witcher 2 Is Also Coming To The Xbox 360

Developer CD Projekt has teased console versions of The Witcher games before, but it looks like it might actually happen for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. The game’s producer talked around it to Eurogamer and the ESRB now has a rating for an Xbox 360 version. Maybe at E3, then?


    • Why would PC gamers cry? The game is fine on PC. It’s not like this is a concurrent release. PC came first.

    • why would there be an issue with this.

      PC gamers only have issues when their beloved franchise’s make the jump to console and result in a graphically dumbed down game.

      What this says for witcher 3 is ominous though.

      But hopefully since unlike Activision, EA. CDR is unlikely to be cramming out another one by 2012.

      The next gen of consoles will have arrived and the being graphically held back can subside for 1-2years 😛

        • not really, none of those apply in this case, and as such are irrelevant.

          My point was more those are the reasons people complain. and not one of them is applicable, the PC was still the primary platform and it will be interesting to see the differences between the PC and console version’s since the PC version requires newer tech than the consoles had.

          though it could be like the gel blobs in portal 2 less vertexes and whathaveyou

          • Whatever man. The only reason games get “dumbed down,” is people like you who buy into that crap, and then perpetuate it on the net. Then slack developers/publishers think they can get away with selling half-baked console games. I play games on PC AND Console, so get over it and stop rubbing your own ego – that crap died back in the early 90’s when we all realised that Sega and Nintendo were both great and could enjoy both. Also, Morrowind and Oblivion were on BOTH console and PC – and they were identical, except for a slightly different GUI and TES Construction Set! Oh, and higher-res textures of course, but dont try to say that graphics over gameplay makes a game better…

          • The difference is that oblivion launched when computers and consoles were still in the same technological ballpark.

            Also can you explain to me in what way ME2 was not dumbed down from the original. And this was a game that started out on console as it is.

            Dumbing down occurs to catch mass market appeal. Make something complex like EvE and you have a tight knit high entry level game for anyone who want’s to play it.

            Make something like WoW, which has a pretty basic level of entry. And a slightly more complex end game.

            While removing the inventory in ME2 may be seen as dumbing down by some purists, the casual gamer sees it as less time fiddling more time shooting. Which unfortunatly translates to sales. happens in every media as it is.

            Graphics don’t matter over gameplay. DA:O would be a perfect example of such a thing. But there is no reason why PC graphics have to stall out at the expense of consoles

          • lol you do know the difference between oblivion console and oblivion pc with mods is night and day.

          • Yeah but point is you need mods that someone else created for it to be playable/different. All I have to say is try playing Fallout New Vegas on a high end PC.





  • I’ll only pick it up on 360 if we get the uncut version – of course since the game has been prroved (with edits) on the PC for Australia I imagine an import from the UK will make it here just fine.

    Anyway, if I do play Witcher 2 I’m more likely to get it from gog.com now that they’re letting people choose their location and buy international versions instead of forcing them to get the Australian one by default – though at the moment I don’t have a PC capable of running modern games, and probably won’t for a few months.

  • I suspect the 360 version would be toned down graphically?
    It’s quite a demanding game even for PC’s only 2 or so years old.

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