Low Resolution Pixels Are The Height Of Fashion

If I were a fashion critic present when designer Kunihiko Morinaga debuted his fall/winter 2011/2012 fashion line, I might have described the pieces as something my Nintendo Entertainment System had thrown up, and I would have meant it with love.

Pixels were on parade when Morinaga showed off his 8-bit designs during Japan's fashion week. From business suits to casual wear to an inflatable dress that pixelated the wearer's form, retro graphic art has never looked quite as elegant.

It's also some of the most wearable fashion I've seen come down a runway. Were I an extremely slight fashion model, I'd be extremely confused about so many things.

I'd probably wear some of this as well.

pixelated fashion by kunihiko morinaga of anrealage [designboom]


    Some of these are almost kind of cool.

    All of them are made retarded by those stupid face masks though.

      Most of them are awful, but there's a couple of cool numbers in there.

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