LunchTimeWaster: Super Off Road Drifting

When I was young, one of my favourite arcade racers was Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road. You whippersnappers may be too young to remember, but it was a four player, top down racer - immensely fun and immensely replayable. Somehow, Drift Runners helped me relive that nostalgia, and I liked it.

Others may liken it to Micro Machines, another four player racer I used to play endlessly on the Megadrive as a youngster. Regardless, you'll get the vibe instantly - top down, fun drifting, tight cornering. Typically I'm not a huge fan of racers, but a stripped back arcade style nostalgia-fest? That is a concept I can get behind.

Drift Runners [Kongregate]


    Awesome, I remember Ironman racing. once you got upgraded, you could basically turbo boost the entire race and blitz the PC.

    Off road racer was the pinacle of its type... well that and rock n roll racing..
    but man i LOVED that game... i'll play the heck outta this once i get back from uni :D

    It's good...

    ...but it isn't Edmus...

      Thanks for the reminder. If no new content goes up on kotaku for the rest of the afternoon, you know who to blame.

    IRONMAN was awesome! And strangely enough, welbot helped me find it again and get it up working last week! It is still awesome!

    Although Ironman's rubber-band AI would drive you nuts from time to time...

      I was too young and stupid to understand that stuff back then!

        Same - I much preferred to think of it as the computer cheating because it was a sore loser rather than an interesting demonstration of adaptive AI.

    F*ck I loved Ironman! I do remember always being slightly confused as to why it was called 'Ironman' then discovering some time later that it really wasn't just called simply 'Ironman'.
    I seem to recall playing that Drift Runners game ages ago though...

    I love these games! Super Offroad, Rock & Roll Racing, GeneRally, Super Speed, MicroMachines 2TT and 4 (but not 3 *grumble*gumble*) fact a few nights this past week I've been hanging out with friends playing Mashed: Fully Loaded as we wait impatiently for Supersonic's upcoming spiritual successor Wrecked: Revenge Revisited!

    I used to play Ironman huddled around the keyboard with my friend on his 386. That game was awesome. I'll give this one a go when I get home but I doubt it will live up to the memories.

    Super Off Road was badarse, I also used to play this back in the day on my 386 as well.

    Wasn't there an arcade version with 4 steering wheels?

    haha brings back awesome memories. i'm glad others also have the same :P

    OMG! Iron Man was my absolute favorite game ever!!!

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