LunchTimeWaster: I Is Dumb

Sometimes the best games make you feel smart. Braid and Portal is a good example. Sometimes, however, clever games have the right to make you feel like an absolute idiot. Sometimes that's a good thing. The Adventures of Red quite often makes me feel like a complete idiot.

The Adventure of Red is basically an IQ test in video game form. I sort of enjoy puzzles like this, so I had fun.

At times it seems as though simply working out the crux of the puzzle, or the actual rules of each mini game, is the tough part. But I'm sure you guys will breeze through it!

The Adventures of Red [Armor Games]


    Very interesting game. Armor Games always puts out high quality stuff. Will have to play it when I get home!

      It's called the LunchTimeWaster for a reason!

      Should probably be renamed the AfternoonWaster, I tend to play these games all afternoon at work.

    I feel like I'm doing those puzzles in Assassins Creed again.

    Pretty fun, the puzzles are fun, not too repetitive. Will have to play some more when I get home

    I played it a little so far, the first time I went with the top door in the picture above and got trapped.

    Restarted, went through the bottom door and was greeted by a wall with some graffiti:

    "Romanes Eunt Domus"

    I'm satisfied.

    Heh this was a great game! The ending made me lol!

      I got up to the room where you have to swap the red, blue, yellow and green blocks in a line and decided that it was time to pretend to get back to work.

      Some of those puzzles are pretty devious.

        haha yeah that one was a bit of a doozy! I really enjoyed the variety of puzzles in the game. Especially the lack of instructions. So satisfying figuring it all out for yourself!

    Good little game - finished inside of a lunch hour which is good. Probably harder puzzle-wise than Portal 2 was...

    Pretty cool.
    Only had to use Google for one of the puzzles.
    *Hint Alert*
    My Dwarven Alphabet skills isn't up to par.

    can't believe i just played all the way thru that.
    once i started pride would not let me stop...

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