LunchTimeWaster: Life Is Cruel

Life is cruel. One minute your being locked in the attic, fighting over toys with your brother, the next your getting disrespected by your girlfriend for buying the wrong kind of flowers and berated by your boss for leaving work early. Sad times - but that's Convergence, the game that plays out like a retro-fied version of our bitter, bitter real lives.

Convergence is a game about choices, and the impact they have. It has a simple, retro aesthetic, and feels a little heartbreaking at times. It's an experience, and that's kind of the point - I found myself replaying certain sections, attempting different things, prodding and poking at the game to check its limits.

Play it, get depressed, then re-evaluate your life.

Convergence [Kongregate]


    Wait, maybe it was the ending I got... but that wasn't depressing at all?

    It was happyish. The guy was with his wife and son.

    Is there a worse ending?

      Okay, got it.

      That *was* depressing.

    i got all possible ending. It was a very well made game, and very depressing over all. I cant get all of the toys as a baby! I can get 9/10, anyone know how to get the one that is high up?

      The achievement for it mentions 'ninja' so either you need agility, or some sort of violent action. I couldn't figure it out either.

      Knockover the 4 smaller picture frames by running over them and that knocks down a larger frame you can crawl across to get to it.

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