LunchTimeWaster: Me, Myself And 'I'

The I of It is clever. It is also charming and fun. It is also quite innovative in it's own way. In short you should play it. The I of It.

You play as the 'I' in 'it'. The 't' has gone and buggered off, and it's your job to go and find the 't', so you can reform 'it'.

But here's the twist, and the mechanic upon which all the gameplay depends - you, as 'I', can extend yourself to any height and solve puzzles whilst doing so.

It's smart. And the implementation is just so slick and compelling. I really loved this game.

The I of It [Armor Games]


    I was just coming here to see if there was a new lunch time waster up. Looks like fun, though we do get a lot of puzzle games, lately I've been in the mood for a good action game like a top down shooter like raiden or 2D sidescroller.

      Yeah but there a dime a dozen

    Worth playing just for the Mr Men-esque narration. "I went ow and died".

      "Click! The ele-waiter went up."

    A very cute game. I laughed. Definitely recommended.

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