LunchTimeWaster: The One Button MMO

Imagine you play Canabalt, the prototypical one button jump game. Now imagine playing that game at the same time as everyone who is playing it at that moment. You've just imagined Edmus, and it's awesome.

It reminded me of Super Meat Boy - that moment when you finish a level and watch every single one of your previous attempt simultaneously, watching them all die, one by one, until your only successful run jumps to its conclusion. Edmus elicits that same pleasure, but a weird sense of community, like a childhood race to the school cafeteria. There's a strange satisfaction as you watch those you're playing against drop by the wayside, as you power on.

It's such a simple game, such a simple concept. But so innovative.

Edmus [Kongregate]


    Very cool little game, and for once a MP game on Kongregate that doesn't lag like crazy.

      I don't think it's really multiplayer. I'm pretty sure it just records others sessions and then plays them during your session to give the illusion you're playing with other people.

        I played with myself
        I mean, I saw my name over one of the little dudes so it probably is a replay. Plus, it seems like it's always 120 or so people playing.

    Reminds me of Transformice!

    An incredibly amusing and fun game.

    I feel like a lemming.

    I had my WOW rogue set up to a 1 button macro, he would go through all his combo points then use his finisher. Good for grinding...


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