LunchTimeWaster: Things Fall Apart

Everything Starts to Fall is a game that will absolutely depress you. It's a little bit pretentious, a little bit flawed, but it's very, very interesting.

Everything Starts to Fall is about the process of living and the choices me have to make, wrapped up in a completely morbid Rainbow Islands-esque platformer. You play and struggle through the entirety of your life, going through the process of school, high school, work, and even death.

Oh the futility of it all!

I'm really keen to see what you guys think of it.

Everything Starts to Fall


    There needs to be a Jones In The Fast Lane remake.. Now!

      I've considered doing that for a while now, but I've got a few other projects to get through first.

      There is also the difficulty of needing a dozen cheesy actors, preferably with voices in a modern day remake. New writing may be appropriate too, but that is certainly not my strong suit.

    I thought it was a game based on Sughly's drawing when i saw that screenshot...

    A stunning game - short and poignant.

    I loved the diverging paths, it's an awesome example of how really simple level design can tie into the story in a deep way.

    By the way, is the title of this post a Yeats reference?

      I'd like to thinks it's The Roots who were in turn referencing Chinua Achebe who got it from the Yeats poem. So...maybe :)

        I honestly didn't know it was from Yeats. Had read Achebe, and loved The Roots' album though!

    I liked it though it was a bit to short and moved a bit to fast. I never got much of a chance to really look at what the character had been up to during their life.

      isnt that the point?

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