LunchTimeWaster: This Game Is AMAZING

Some flash games are derivative. In fact, most flash games are derivative. Every now and then you stumble across genius ideas, shoe horned clumsily into an unpolished shell. It's on the rarest occasion that you find an amazing idea honed to a fine sheen - but that's precisely what Faultline represents.

Faultline, with its unique mechanics removed, would still function well as a solid platformer. It feels nice and weighty, consistent and fun. When you add its top notch gimmick however, it transforms.

Simply put, Faultline allows you to fold space. To delete sections of the map on the fly. This mechanic is integrated into puzzles, smart platforming sections and make the game feel like something fresh and unique.

Above all, it's integrated perfectly, it never feels tacked on, and it never frustrates. Faultline is simply a joy to play.

I am in love with this game.

Faultline [Kongregate]


    I'm pretty sure this, or something very similar, has already been covered in lunchtime waster, butit was before your time.

    Yup, 'the Goose' covered it about a year ago. Still a great game though.

      Damn. His headline craps on mine's as well!

      I'll leave it up, since it's amazing!

      Strange - kongregate had it as a 'new game'.

    Yep, pretty cool. I didn't catch it last time, so thanks.

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