LunchTimeWaster: This Is A Work Of Fiction

This game is strange. To say the least. This is a Work of Fiction is a series of games, each with a unique set of rules, but part of the game is discovering those rules, and putting that rule set into action. It's probably the most frustrating game ever created, but also one of the most rewarding.

This is a Work of Fiction never explains itself. Even the start screen is a puzzle to solved. It's impossible to explain, because explaining it is half the 'fun', or half the 'challenge'. You are simply placed inside a series on mini-games and asked to solve them.

It's the diametric opposite of games that treat you like an idiot. On the contrary, it treats you like a goddamn genius with 190 IQ. You have to live up to that. And it's bloody tough.

This is a Work of Fiction


    Got it all except the riddles. I suck at riddles.

    Quite cerebral indeed.

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