LunchTimeWaster: Vampire Physics

Sometimes flash games can be dazzlingly original. Sometimes they can be derivative. Vampire Physics most definitely falls headlong into the latter category, but that doesn't mean it can't be a lot of fun. Look at Angry Birds for goodness sake!

Vampire Physics is, as you may have guessed, a physics-driven game - but we're not really sure where the vampires fit it. No doubt in the search for a skin and a gimmick someone brainstormed 'vampires' and decided to run with it. But the skin, and the circumstances behind it aren't important - what's important is the fact that Vampire Physics is a well-polished puzzler that consistently rewards players for quick thinking.

This game is fun because it's simple, almost passive, yet requires a bit of thought on the part of the player. There are many similar puzzlers out there - but Vampire Physics feels consistent, and works as a nice distraction you can jump back and forth to throughout the day.

Here's our advice - keep the window open, and tab back and forth throughout the day while your boss isn't looking!

Vampire Physics [Armor Games]


    There goes 20 minutes of work i'll never get back lol

    While it's much the same as oh-so-many physics games out there, it's still got a pretty nifty gimmick going on for it :)

    Final score - 10817. :)

    As you said, very derivative, but the vampire spin was enough to keep me interested.

    hahahha, I like the vampire gimmick, it's cute, fun game!

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