LunchTimeWaster: Zombie Reprieve

You know how I feel about zombies. They're now up there with Nazi's, Aliens and Nazi Aliens in the list of generic enemies I'm bored of shooting at. That being said - zOMGies 2 is so much fun that I'm willing to forget about my hatred of zombie games, just for a short while.

It's just so visceral, and fast paced. This is a game where you begin by running at a furious pace, from zombies of course, and you don't stop ever. In a sense it's a beefed up horizontal shooter, ala R-Type, but the subject matter, the animations and the mechanics manages to make everything feel amazingly fresh.

zOMGies 2 is a highly polished, perfectly executed flash game. A must play.

zOMGies 2 [Armor Games]


    sounds great -what platforms is it coming out for? I hope for wiiware/live/dsiware or ipods. pleeeease?

      LunchTimeWaster generally features free-to-play flash games available on the interwebs. So as far as I'm aware, it's not coming to any platform.

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