Marketing Survey Leaks Cover Art For 'Hitman: Subtitle'

Evidently circulated before IO Interactive settled on Hitman: Absolution for the title of the latest sequel, a marketing survey asked respondents how they felt about three potential cover designs for the game. All featured the wonderfully ironic Hitman: Subtitle, the naming convention for the game since Hitman: Codename 47 in 2000.


    How is the use of the word "subtitle" ironic?

      Really? I recommend you look in the dictionary for the meaning of the word, then you might have a better understanding..

    All 3 are quite unimaginative. IMO

    Last one is best.

    Personally I think the first one is the most aesthetically interesting.
    The lighting and the background of the third one is rather displeasing to me. Not to mention the dull looking title position.
    The movement in the second one is interesting too, but I'm getting an odd sensation of deja vu with that one... Almost as if It's been done before...
    *raises eyebrow*

    That must've been an easy job for the designer - request a render of 47 from an artist, apply red gradiant background and dump the game's name on it with the Hitman typeface. Also the misuse of "ironic" is ironic.

      Dude, uncalled for....they added some blur too.

    Personally I feel the third one carries the series.

    Oh and I also believe ironic is a typo; supposed to be iconic.

    Hitman: Grant Morrison.

    I'm going to just say it...
    The red background is terrible.

    It give the picture no depth and takes away any sense of danger. The character seems to be "posing" rather than caught in mid-action.

    Black looks better only because its the safest option. Not a good move when wanting to make some sort of comeback with a sequel

      I don't know if 'comeback' suits this game. I thought bloodmoney did reasonably well, and I still am a fan.

      I know a lot of other ppl that have enjoyed the series aswell.

      but personally, could not care about the cover as I'll probably download it anyways.

    Is it just me or do they look very amateurish?

    I'd love for a developer to one day hold a competition for cover design and allow the public to send in their ideas. I sure as hell could make something a million times better then that...

    Though i like the bold minimal nature they were going for, none of these seem to groundbreaking. The third seems a bit to unimaginative, though the damaged suit is a nice touch. The 2nd was initially the most catching though may lean a little to much towards a more generic action feel, and doesn't capture the sophisticated nature that the first seems to represent better.

    I hate that they still have him dual-wielding; it's just not tactfully realistic and treats the audience that grew up with Hitman like they're still children, especially when Hitman is the kind of game built around complex logic setups to booby trap people and make players feel like they pulled off some impossible heist job. Remember in the movie where he has two pistols and does that cross armed guard thing? I cringed. You did too. Inside.

    But it's 2011, We all know better.
    Dual-wielding = not effective.

    But that aside? I like the first one. :)

    I agree with you, Kizaru.

    Hence why my vote would go to the third cover.
    It's dark and menacing. It has the feel a Hitman game should.

    No over the top action-oriented garbage like the first two covers.

    Looks just like all the other Hitman covers! Next!

    Definitely the 3rd one! The first two have a too hectic, action movie-like feel which really conflicts with the careful, calculated mood that the hitman-series is known for. They look like they could be the cover of some new Bourne-film.

    Hopefully they're not asking similar questions when it comes to the design of the actual game...

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