Mass Effect 2's "Interactive Comic" Is Now On The Xbox 360

Because the PS3 will most likely never see the first Mass Effect, when Mass Effect 2 hit Sony's console developers BioWare had to include an interactive comic to help players make the choices that defined their character's actions.

Xbox 360 and PC players made those choices while actually playing the first Mass Effect, but since that wasn't an option on the PS3, well, the comic had to do. Now that comic is available on the Xbox 360 (for 320 MSP), in case you feel like playing Mass Effect 2 without having to play Mass Effect 1.

Though, really, you should. Answering a glorified Q&A isn't the same as actually making those tough decisions as the game unfolds, and while the first Mass Effect is a little rusty in some places in light of the sequel, it's still an awesome game. And don't worry, you've got plenty of time between now and 2012 to finish both the first and second game. Maybe more than once.

Mass Effect 2: Genesis [Xbox]


    320 MSP is a lot for a glorified comic book.

    It's easy to edit Mass Effect 2 savegames to change which original Mass Effect plot flags are activated, even on the Xbox 360.

    It takes five minutes instead of 40 hours and the outcome is the same for an ME2 import if you don't want to play through ME again.

    It means you can edit large decisions like the Council, Virmire survivor, romances, Wrex etc, as well as small ones.


    I can see this being useful for those who have no patience to play the first game (which, great as it was, is quite a bit different than ME2).

    But if you have no patience to play the first game... you probably wouldn't care enough to put money down for this thingy.

    320 POINTS?

    F*** off Bioware. Free for PS3, 320 for us?!

    What about for the PC?

      They've said on their twitter feed that it's coming to PC.

    As Aidan mentioned, 360 and PC players have been able to set every single minor and major ME1 decision through Gibbed's ME2 save editor since just after launch. All it requires is a USB drive and a free copy of Modio. I played ME1 three times so I remembered each scene that the plot flags corresponded to, and kind of ran through ME1 in my head as I set them.

    The Genesis comic only covers the major decisions, and completely skips over Feros. To charge 320msp for such a sub-par product is really poor form by Bioware.

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