Mass Effect 3 Thrusts Its Way Into Early 2012

Remember the first trailer for Mass Effect 3? The one that teased us with a "holiday 2011" release date? Consider it invalidated, as the game's executive producer scootches its release into early 2012.

When a trailer comes out more than a year in advance of a game's release, you can generally assume that the date listed at the end of it isn't going to be the same date on which you pick up the game at your local store. So you really shouldn't be too surprised that BioWare is rolling back the holiday 2011 release date for Mass Effect 3. You're free to feel a little disappointed, however.

The date slide came by way of a Message posted on the official Mass Effect 2 Facebook page.

Mass Effect 3 will be released in the first three months of 2012. The development team is laser focused on making sure Mass Effect 3 is the biggest, boldest and best game in the series, ensuring that it exceeds everyone's expectations." - Casey Hudson, Executive Producer Mass Effect series.

That seems like a logical reason to move the date. I'd rather they spend a few extra months releasing a stellar title than slip it out early and start working on patches.

Official Mass Effect 2 Facebook Page [Facebook - Thanks Oliver!]


    Firstly, I don't care how long it takes them to make the game as long as it's AWESOME and, more importantly COMPLETE.

    Secondly, Kaiden and Liara as squadmates! Hell yeah!

    I'm not too fazed by this, I'd rather have a greater game than an earlier game.

    Also, Kaidan *swoon*

    I must be the only one who found Kaiden whiny and uninteresting and never let him come on missions, and decided to *SPOILER* let him be the one who, you know ... snuffs it */SPOILER*

    I also must be the only one who wants a good game NOW NOW NOWNOWNOW.

      No, you're pretty much right. Even my FemShep wasn't thrilled by the idea of saving his sorry butt.

      And Jacob... why can't they make a male LI who isn't a complete arse?

      Here, here! and with James Mac

      I couldn't STAND Kaiden or Jacob, I did let Jacob live on my initial playthrough of ME2 but in ME1 I did let *spoiler* Kaiden be the one to "snuff it".

      Shepard was such an arse to both, I wouldn't let them finish and almost always shut them down with Renegade comments. I think my Shepard was too much of a womanizer that he didn't want any competition even if they didn't pose a threat. He didn't have a problem with Grunt, Wrex or Garrus cause they were badass themselves - wouldn't mess with them. Mordin didn't bother Shepard cause he was different & Thane was too. I guess it was also because Kaiden and Jacob were the other two male humans who were younger than Shepard. Gotta lay down the rules from the beginning and if you don't listen, you pay the price.

        LOL! I've just started ME2 - I don't mind Jacob - but yeah Kaidan was a waste of character.

    This is a good thing... EA would have been pressuring Bioware to release the game quickly, and Bioware told them to F off they're not going to make a 2011 release.

    No surprise. Mmmm maybe Bioware responding to rushed releases after the DAII fiasco. They'd never admit it publically though.

    Good news though all round. Please make ME3 awesome.

    Yeah to be honest all the games coming out holiday this year, especially elder scrolls I would have been fairly pressed for time anways kind of glad its going to be spread out a bit.

    YES! The saga of my femshep will finally be over in 2012.

    Hopefully my blueberry MILF Samara will be a recruitable squad member.

    Haha, so far no one's really complaining. And like Don said above, we've got Skyrim coming out at the end of the year. The RPG people will be busy for some time with that.

    This from AusGamers is concerning:

      Good find. That is concerning.

      Is it possible EA got themselves a hold of some of the ME3 ideas and gameplay info and pressured BioWare into altering the gameplay to appeal to a larger market base?

      Because, let's be honest, Casey Hudson's message is the usual generic stuff that developers usually give out when explaining a delay.

      Hopefully what we see at E3 is still the game we love and want.

      Is that crummy, tacked-on multiplayer I smell?

    My Shepard slept with Liara on ME1 then Tali on ME2 then Liara on ME2 Shadowbroaker so what I want to know is how the game will carry that on to ME3!

    My shepherd slept with ashley on ME1, Tali, Jack and Miranda on ME2

    Having played DA2, I'm happy if they decide to delay for a while... but I'd have been cool if they announced the delay and when asked why said...

    Holy shit, what is this?
    Forged in God's very flames.
    Do mine eyes tell me lies,
    A new Elder Scrolls Game?
    Time is nigh, I must fly,
    Venture forth on my quest.
    Goodbye Ma, goodbye Pa
    And goodbye Girlfriend's breasts.
    I'll be off Azeroth,
    catch you later Hyrule.
    I'll be gone Albion,
    I'm no longer your fool.
    Other crap filled the gap
    While I waited to begin...
    The adventure of my life
    in the land of Skyrim!

    Yeah, EA forced DA2 to be released quickly, so im glad at least this is allowed to take its time... Hopefully they are not changing anything too drastically as a users comment suggests.

    Not disappointed in the slightest, I never saw any chance of the game coming out this year.

    Having just read what Dan posted above, I take back my comments... this is concerning.

    "One of the things the team up at Edmonton has done is... essentially adjust some of the gameplay mechanics and some of the features, which you'll see at E3, that can... essentially address a far larger market opportunity."

    Urgh. 'Adjust' is almost always a euphemism for 'dumb-down', 'simplify', 'streamline' or 'cave in to the market'.

    I'm totally cool with this, I mean I would rather play it sooner BUT I don't want ME3 to be like DA2 and ship before it is done.

    Yes! My femShep gets her Kaidan back! I don't get why people thought he was boring, whiny or annoying. I always thought he was far from it. I actually like the shy, quiet, geeky, nice guys. Plus, he was one of the best characters to always have in your party if you leveled him up properly. He's practically unkillable by the end of the game and a great shooter. But, then again, I never auto level up any character. I learnt years ago that auto leveling up is the devil incarnate. It never fails to make any character totally useless; even the main character. And, if people's main reason is because of his voice...God, grow up already. People tend to get down on Kaidan because he's voiced by the same actor who voiced Carth in KOTOR. The only two things the two characters have in common is they are both nice and both in the military. Other than that, they are completely different. I'll agree that Carth was annoyingly whiny but Kaidan's not. You actually have to talk to him & ask him about things but he doesn't whine or complain about anything. Carth stopped you & did. It's comparing apples to oranges. I honestly think people don 't like Kaidan because he's actually a nice, good guy. Nice, good guys in real life have the same problem. Why?? There's too many jerks in this world and nice guys don't finish last in the end. At least with me and I know I'm not the only one out there who thinks that.

      They're both fruity :P
      Kaidan was annoying, sure he had some interesting things to say, but overall he wasn't as interesting or funny as any of the other characters. With both male-shep and femshep I let Kaidan die.

      Either way, I heard Kaidan, Ashley, Liara, all the ME2 chars, except Sammara, Morinth and possibly Mordin will be returning to ME3. Jacob, Miranda and Wrex are unknown whether they will return as squad members but are supposed to make an appearance at least. and i highly doubt that the DLC characters will be in it, unless its just a cameo.

      I'll post my source wen i find it ==

      ps. Liara and Kelly romance FTW! :)

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