Master Chief Is Back From Deep Space, And He Looks Great

In this week's round-up of the best in costume play, we've got the star of the Halo series on the loose, a Queen (not a Princess!) from The Legend of Zelda and everyone's favourite transgender fighting game character.

There's also someone dressed up as Lara Croft (do we go a week without someone paying tribute to the Tomb Raider star?), more Minecraft cosplay (come on kids, it's uncomfortable) and a very creepy nurse from Silent Hill.

Oh, and also our first Fancy Pants cosplay video! World of Warcraft fans, you should definitely check it out.

Fancy Pants is a look at the world of cosplay (costume play), where people dress up as their favourite video game characters. Sometimes it works! Sometimes it... yeah.

By Lola-Gainsborough.

Dallas Nagata White @ Kawaii Kon 2011

As seen on antilul.

By hexlord.

By luhimura.

As seen on Eviltwin15.

By HylianJean.

By Aurélien Sallé.

By zahnpasta.

By twilightcross.


    that ODST group armor look epic ! awesome group !

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