Master Craftsmanship Comes To The Mass Effect Universe

Were this a 3D render of Mass Effect 2's Thane, it would be impressive. Thing is, it's not. This is a tangible, old-fashioned sculpt. Get a load of the detail!

Seriously, had you not been informed this was crafted by hand you'd simply assume it was a game asset, such is the colour and intricacy on show. From his neck scales to his gills, he's looking sharp.

The piece stands just over 6 inches tall, and you can see more shots by scrolling through the gallery above.

It's the work of Brazilian character artist Rafael Grassetti, who makes a living doing everything from 3D art to texturing to traditional sculpture like you see here for movie studios, game developers and toy companies.

[Rafael Grassetti]


    Wow... so much detail put into it. Looks amazingly good. The guy is seriously talented.

    I'm not normally a fan of bust statues, but holy shit, i would but that in a heartbeat

    Holy heck, I'd buy one of those as fast as my wallet would allow me...

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