Metal Gear Creator Sitting Out E3

Metal Gear Solid 5 isn't the only thing sitting out this year's E3, the stealth series' creator Hideo Kojima also won't be at E3. Last year, there was a flurry of MGS news at E3. This year? Probably not. [@hideo_kojima]


    Is MGS Rising still on the cards?

      *strokes neck beard*

        Interesting to see. Has anything of any substance been shown about it beyond that one trailer that looked more akin to a tech demo? Seems like they either announced MGS Rising very early in its development, or it has been canned.

        To be honest, if it has been canned I can't say I'd be terribly upset, while I'm all for more MGS, all Rising has shown thus far is one character and a gimmick that I suspect would lose its novelty very quickly (cutting through things at precise angles); it's hard to get terribly invested in that.

    No Kojima for next MGS game at E3 or to be paraded around by Sony to talk up the NGP.

    OR, Maybe he's just trying to throw us off his trail...

    Personally I want a new MG game, without Snake, but have Raiden. Not an action game, but stealth focused with action options

    Darn... I was hopping for Zone of Enders 3

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