Metal Gear On 3DS Is Shooting For November

Everything we've seen so far of Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D has made it look little more than a tech demo for Nintendo's new console. But according to MCV, it may be less of a demo and more a nearly finished game.

The British publication reckons the title, a graphical showcase for the new Nintendo handheld and a downsized (in screen size, not game size) port of the classic PS2 stealth title Metal Gear Solid 3, will be out in November, just in time for the Christmas shopping season.

The 3DS lineup thus far has been critically short on must-have titles, and while this, like Street Fighter IV, isn't exactly an original game, it'll still be something that moves 3DS units with people who have yet to find a good reason to pick one up yet.

Snake Eater 3DS aims for November [MCV]


    I see they've turned the boos into eye candy.

      BOSS*** FFS

        Atleast you caught it before the trolls got you lol.
        You're right though with the eye candy point, but she looks like she'd be more of a say angry lover than a bubbly girlfriend.

    This is one of the main reasons I'm waiting to pick up a 3DS. This, OoT, Kid Icarus and Starfox were the main games I was interested in, especially since of those I've only played OoT. Once 1 or more of those games drop I will be all over it. Its good to hear that MGS 3 will be out pretty soon.

    Who knows, maybe I'll be able to talk my way into getting it for xmas and not have to spend my own money :)

    Now all we need is a web browser and estore, plus a few more games, and my 3DS will get used for something other than StreetPass and Pokemon Black!

    That is some impressive cleavage for a male.

    If anyone is interested in eShop I found this at the official Nintendo site:

      thank you for that link, finally I have some sense of peace knowing now what the date is to expect some relief from this boredom.

    The whole time I was playing and loving Peacewalker I just kept thinking "It'd be so much cooler if I could somehow play Snake Eater on a handheld..."

    Then the magical wish-granting faeries had their way with me. And it was good.

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