Microsoft Australia Are Giving Away 100,000 MS Points

In order to celebrate reaching 100,000 'likes' on Facebook, Microsoft Australia are giving away 100,000 MS points. Makes sense I guess - it's also a bloody ridiculous haul. I don't even know how I would spend that amount of virtual moolah.

Entering is pretty simple - all you have to do is head to the page, 'like' it, enter your email, gamertag and in 100 words or less tell them what you would spend the points on.

Sure, I know some have an intense hatred of these kinds of email sourcing/facebook harvesting competitions - but this is a pretty insane prize. I'm thinking about entering myself!

Head here for more details.


    Can you use these MS points on Games for Windows Live Marketplace?

      They don't say, but since Xbox and GfW Live are essentially linked services anyway, I would assume yes.

    Wouldn't you spend it on games, add ons, themes, gamer pics and videos? NO ONE STEAL MY ANSWER!

      Yeah I'm having a tough time thinking of anything unique to put as an answer


      This once again highlights the need to be able to gift on Live. - Either points or games. With 100,000 you'd be able to ensure all your friends grab the latest game or DLC. Though that's only if you're feeling generous.

      For most of us 100,000 MSP would simply turn into an episode of Pimp my Avatar.

        In all seriousness, I agree completely. I often gift friends good iPhone games/apps because it costs pretty much nothing, it's a much more direct way of saying "check out this, it's great!", and it's just nice to spontaneously give someone a gift. I'd be gifting Outland via Xbox live right now if I could.

    Surely it's not 100,000 points to one person, I don't think there's even enough content on there to spend that many points... Then again, the "Death Magnetic" content for GH is still 1600 points...

      The bottom of the image says 1 x 100,000 and 5 x 3000 so I'd say it is

      To buy every XBLA game would cost at least 150,000 points. All the DLC, original Xbox games, backgrounds and avatar garbage would push it well past 200,000. So winning this contest would hardly even be worth it.

    I'd spend it on Black Ops DLC and show off to my friends because I'll be rich and they'll be po0r.

    @morkai Screen shot says "grand price winner 100,000 points", so yeah 1 person

    you can buy/rent movies with points, so you could blow them that way

    1 x 100,000 points hooker avatar or 100,000 x 1 point hooker avatars... decisions, decisions...

    One good thing to note, you don't seem to need facebook to enter. I loaded up the linked page and was able to complete the entry process without ever being asked to log in to facebook

    Only 100,000? that won't be enough to cover all the avatar outfits that are available, step up your game MS! :p

    From the T&C:
    "An Entrant’s entry must not be:
    a) late;
    b) delayed;
    c) incomplete;
    d) incomprehensible;
    e) unlawful;
    f) obscene;
    g) defamatory;
    h) libellous;
    i) threatening;
    j) pornographic;
    k) harassing;
    l) hateful;
    m) racially or ethnically offensive;
    n) capable of encouraging conduct that would be considered a criminal offence;
    o) capable of violating any law; and/or
    p) capable of giving rise to civil liability."

    How many of these can you violate in 100 words?

    *Note: I take no responsibility for your comments being deleted during the moderation process!

      OK, nobody else took up the challenge, so here I go.

      I'd buy 500 copies of Uno and establish an underground gambling ring. Those f♣ck♣ng phnoogs are mad for it. Who squeegie umbrella my zargle? I'd use the proceeds to buy more coke from that dickhead Karl Stefanovic. If he tries to rip me off with subpar sh♣t like he did last time. I'll kill him. I’m also going to hire some prostitutes and do violently pornographic things with them. And if I get arrested for any of this, I'll blame Microsoft for giving me the prize. I also thi

      Do I win?

      [For the purposes of this comment, "phnoogs" is a non-specific racially offensive epithet]

    Found it funny when I entered to see a modded avatar standing front and center in the 'army' :P

    Huzzah, it covers NZ accounts as well.

    Can we hand back the points on the condition that Microsoft stops running these godawful Facebook interactions?

    I'd buy a playstation.


      Wait... if they have my gamertag, then they already have my email address.

    If XBL had a gifting system that allowed MS point gifting, I wonder if MS points could be tax deductible if you gifted to a charity?

    MS gives away 100000MP ($1650) + you + gifting system + charity + tax deduction = profit!

    Then go out & enjoy your winnings/triumph/donation to charity, by buying an iPhone or iPad, all thanks to MS.


      Wouldn't work. You'd have to show a receipt for purchase first :(

    Two words: Horse Armour.

      Finally! How else was I going to deck out my 250 Oblivion character's horses?!

        I approve. So much.

        I almost cried laughing! :P

    Why was I not alerted to the frickin' AMAZING comments in this post!

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