Minecraft Heading To The Clouds With New Update

To help expand the world of Minecraft, developers Mojang came up with the idea of a "hell" dimension. Now they're working on another one, up in the sky.

Minecraft creator Markus Persson calls it the "Sky Dimension", and as you can see in these pics, it's...land up in the sky! You may not want to dig so deeply up there, kids. It's a long way down.



    It's called the Aether mod and three excellent Minecraft mod makers have been working on it for months.

      No the Aether mod looks completely different. This is just something Notch cobbled together the other day. This might make it to the next release of Minecraft or it might not.

      According to Notch on twitter he is not yet happy with how this looks yet.

        kinda similar to the biome mod

      It's not a mod. Notch announced it himself via his twitter that it's something he's testing:

    Im intrigued if he has the nether working on SMP yet considering that was nearly 7 months ago since it was created

      SMP Nether is slated for 1.6, along with maps!

      Nether in SMP is coming in Beta 1.6

    I realise it is very different, and that this is just a little experiment by Notch, but it would suck for the modders if all of their hard work was overshadowed by Notch putting in his own "skyland dimension" Especially if it's of the same content level as the Nether compared to the Aether mod.

      If you're not trying to sell your mod...I think it could be considered the greatest of honor to have your mod incorporated into the actual game. Its like getting recognition not only from the community but also the developer....

      On a side note...if the vertical limits have not changed....does that mean we'll have to create a new map....or is this a dimension accessible by portal only or something

    Aether mod is way more thought out than this, although from the screenshots in the mod thread it could do with more this style world generation, but with more islands.

    Thats nice. Does Hell even work in MP yet?

    This game just keeps getting better and better.

    The aether nod came from community requests, I assume this latest notch development did too.

    Although it's not done yet, it seems a waste for the aether team to have thier effort wasted. That mod looks amazing and is a rare example of the modding process done right

      A waste? They choose to make the mod for a game in beta. How is it not obvious that the same community demand for additions that inspires modders won't inspire the developers themselves?

      Mods are meant to fill in what a person feels is missing from the game. If a large portion of your player base is using a mod, it should be sending a little hint that "this is worth the dev time". Especially in beta.

      Frankly I see this as a good development sign - they're not just going "use the mod", they're making it part of the core game and supporting it themselves.

    Awesomeness. I am building a large castle on a series of floating islands atm and the height restrictions can get very frustrating.

    I wonder how the boundaries of this world will work, will there be a limit to how high or low you can build vertically? Surely the lessened block count should allow some leeway in game resources.

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