Minecraft Mobile Getting E3 Outing?

Minecraft Mobile Getting E3 Outing?

What’s that I spy in this email from Sony Ericsson? Could it be Minecraft?

Packed with imagery and references to Minecraft, it seems a safe bet to assume that the Sony Ericsson E3 party for their Xperia Play phone has got to be, at least in part, about the popular indie computer game.

The party promises to give those in attendance access to Xperia Play devices as well as “one of the leading industry figures, makers of one of the hottest games on any platform right now.”

The invitation, seen in part above, features Minecraft art and a reference to keeping the creepers at bay.

Back in February, Mojang’s head of business development Danial Kaplan said that the developer decided to “do the iOS/Android version of Minecraft inhouse.” The port is due out sometime this year.

While we still have no official word of when or how it will hit, this invitation seems like there’s a good chance it will be soon.

Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson did tell Kotaku today that he would be attending E3 this year. No word on whether he’s going to make an overnight trip to San Francisco to attend the kick off for Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference.

Is it possible that Android will be getting Minecraft before the iPhone? Guess we’ll find out soon.


  • Notch was talking about android on twitter a few months back. Nothing about porting minecraft though, this will be interesting.

  • The bloody game has problems running on entry level computers due to the MASSIVE 3D arrays and graphic optimization steps.
    I don’t buy it… i really don’t, not to mention it runs on JAVA and the iPhone… it would take a full rewrite to get it working.
    but the little cpu’s on modern phones, i dont think they could handle it, let alone 3d graphics.
    i would be surprised if its ported at all

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