Modern Warfare 3 To Get A June Reveal

To no one’s surprise, there will be a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. (C’mon, when Electronic Arts’ CEO is talking tough about Battlefield 3 versus Call of Duty, he doesn’t mean Black Ops.) Official PlayStation Magazine‘s latest edition includes a teaser for the game’s big reveal in next month’s edition. See it here.


  • I hope MW3 is just a huge flop, but it probably won’t be. Because of those hardcore CoD fans.

  • until the day the contract with MS ends, a new engine is created, and they restrict the loads of nooby crap on there, and actually try to promote team work, my hype for CoD will return. others its just another successive pile of crap with no direction

    • Like BC2 is any better. The gun physics that are real life accurate for some and not for others. The ping issues and the aimbot issues.

      MW2 is, despite it’s flaws, far less flawed than any wartime/real weapon FPS on the market.

      • Since when did any PC FPS game not have to deal with the problem of aimbots or ping issues? Is BC2 having drop for sniper rifles and RPGs, but not other weapons such a big deal? Call of Duty, as I understand, uses hitscan, so it doesn’t have bullet travel time or drop at all. Is the problem that you are used to lack of bullet drop on some weapons and then forgetting that there’s bullet drop when you try to use a sniper rifle?

        I find your statement that Modern Warfare 2 is “far less flawed” than any other similar FPS game to be highly suspect.

      • I sincerely hope you’re joking. MW2 is THE most broken FPS on the market. You’ve got guns with no recoil, an all-powerful undefeatable gun (the ACR), people running around with unlimited noob tubes by using One Man Army, people running around and Halo-lunging 10 foot with Commando, and the same old assholes camping in corners.

        Black Ops is also terrible. MoH was worse. But MW2 by far remains the worst FPS I’ve ever played.

  • It hurts me to see all of that money go to waste in such simple games on the same engine, over and over again…

    They should put it towards a great new engine!
    Feels like black ops was only out last year.. Oh wait, was it?

    People should come jam on CS:S, where the pros have always been (apart from 1.6)

  • At least they’ve put real time and effort into BF3. That looks like a real revolution instead of another rehash.

    As with every cod since part 3 for me this will be a weekend rental. BF3 will be an essential purchase.

    • Not a Rehash? are you serious? I am seeing a LOT of similarites/copied elements from BC2. I don’t see anything TOO out of the norm.

      Still looking forward to it though. XD

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