Modern Warfare 3 Trailer Incoming (11am Sydney Time)

Just a quick note to say that Robert Bowling from Infinity Ward has tweeted that a new Modern Warfare 3 trailer will make its debut during the NBA Western Conference Finals, at roughly 11am Sydney/Melbourne time. UPDATE: It dropped early, you go watch now!


    Isn't the Infinity Ward/Activision trial thing supposed to happen today too?

    Didn't that happen last time as well? Black Ops or possibly MW2 had their first trailer debut during the NBA playoffs.

    I'm burnt out on CoD at the moment. My friends play, but I had my fill after MW2.

    I'm probably not going to buy this, but I'm keen to see what they're gonna do to stay competitive. Seems like a lot of people are moving on from COD.

      How so? MW2 has still has heaps of people online at any given time and Blops online population has roughly stayed the same since it peaked around one month after release(which when I get online is 12-20k people online on a slow day and 30-40k people online on weekends and such).

    Between this and BF3, it could be a very good time for shooters.

    MW3 for the straight out simple shooting fun and BF3 (if they go back to the BF2 formula and not the BC shite) for fanciful squad based fun.

    Looking forward to it. Cheers Mark :]

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