More Information On EB's Game Expo

Earlier this week we revealed that EB were planning to launch a games exhibition, by expanding their bi-annual vendor show. Now we have more specific details on where, and possibly when the event will happen.

According to a source, the EB Expo will most likely be called EBX. The first event will most likely be in the second week of October and, with it being tied into the weekend, that signals October 15-16 as the most likely date for the show.

The event will be held at the BCEC (Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre) and will be an annual event. The EB Vendor show is bi-annual, but since the other vendor show is held in May, there will be little point in a show where most of the major announcements are being held back for E3.


    Wow I'm surprised it's going to be in Brisbane, thought it would have been in Sydney or Melbourne for sure. Could be interesting.

      EB's head office is in Brisbane and so is where their vendor show is held every year. I believe basically what they are doing is opening the vendor show to the public at the end of the week which is why it will be in Brisbane.

    Hey Mark,
    is this related to the website i've written below? if not, what is the site about =/

    Wow, I'm surprised that they're willing to go to this expense for a bit of marketing. I hope it works out for them, so we can see more of this sort of thing around Australia!

    ...guess it's more than a little hopeful to say I want them to come to Perth, though :(


      If I pre-order now do I gain access to the exclusive bonus level (not available through ticketek) at the convention centre containing special pre-order only content?

        And you go in the draw for a cool prize, even though admittance you'd have more chance of just going for tattslotto..

        Don't forget to trade unused and upcoming event tickets. Trade n Save!

    Interesting. I was at the Bris Conv. Centre once when the EB Vendor expo was on. If I was alone I would have got had a better look (read: tried to get in) but... places to go, people to see!

    With the first few, the first of its kind in Oz, I am predicting it will be absolutley PACKED full of people. I have been to few already, and it is pretty much a small E3, still fun though.

    If they got vorcher and swag bags...I will go there.

    But is Bioware going to be there?

      most likely(or at least EA on their behalf.) seeing as the entire point of the expo is to drum up intrest in store owners for what they should order in.

      and seeing as by october bioware, should be looking at releasing ME3 and TOR before or around may 2012(which is the other EB expo time) they should logically have a presence there

    Already put this down on the calendar, Hope this is a ongoing success, defiantely something needed here. If Bioware is there to announce Mass Effect 3, i'll be booking plane ticket 2moro lol

    We need more stuff like this in places that a) are in Australia and b) aren't Sydney or Melbourne. Thusly, I fully support the idea.

    Of course, the whole idea is about marketing more than anything, so lets not kid ourselves - they're opening the doors so they'll see which vendor booths are stampeded towards, and which ones aren't worth the investment.

    Frankly, this beats a dodgy survey any day of the week. Even if that day only comes once every two years.

    Saving my money to go!

    So EB Games has a Vendor Show every 2 years (bi-annual) ? Which seems like a big gap between events in such a fast moving industry like the video game industry. Does the author meant to say semi-annual (every 6 months) ?

    Wake me up when it's not just the East Coast pimping themselves again.

    Great that their having an expo, but that isn't gonna stop their decreases in business. I'm still seeing games for $120 and $80 in competing stores.


    Rhiannon from EB Games here just giving you a heads that we are preparing to make a new announcement regarding the EB Games EXPO on Tuesday the 31st of May at 5pm AEST.

    To see the announcement go to

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