More Shadow Complex? “It’s A Question Of When”

More Shadow Complex? “It’s A Question Of When”

I frickin’ loved Super Metroid. Which means, by extension, that I loved Shadow Complex. Ever since Chair released that game on Xbox LIVE Arcade, I’ve been hoping for more content – a sequel, anything. Now, in an interview with Eurogamer, Chair Entertainment’s Donald Mustard has claimed that more Shadow complex “isn’t a question of if, it’s a question of when”. You can’t see me now, but at this moment I’m clapping vigorously.

“Shadow Complex is our baby,” claimed Mustard, “and we love it dearly and, y’know, we’re working on some cool stuff [in general] . That’s all I can say.”

Donald Mustard and Chair Entertainment have been focusing on Infinity Blade and iOS development since the release of Shadow Complex but, thankfully, Donald maintains that Shadow Complex is a game that needs a proper controller.

“Shadow Complex is designed for a controller,” he claimed. “I’m not a fan of trying to shoehorn console controls onto touch screens. They don’t feel right. You just lose so much precision.”

Chair promises Shadow Complex 2 [Eurogamer]


    • Shadow complex’s entire control scheme was established around dual analogue sticks. So, you’re probably going to have to keep waiting.

      • Your point?

        a) Xbox controllers work natively on Windows PCs (and other console controllers work with third party software support)
        b) equivalent third party controllers cost $10-$50 for PC as opposed to $40-$70 for consoles (and the Xinput/DirectInput compatability issues with cheaper ones can generally be worked around with key emulators)
        c) dual analogue functionality for these sorts of games is generally comparable (or slightly constricted depending on aiming type) to mouse & keyboard aiming anyway – see Geometry Wars clones and Guardian of Light for cross-platform, and older PC titles like Abuse and Alien Shooter.

        The waiting has nothing to do with control schemes and all to do with the rumoured PC version either being abandoned in the planning stages or actually never having been more than a rumour in the first place.

    • You really should. Shadow Complex still stands as the single best purchase on Xbox Live imho.

    • I’ve thought that many a time… and when I’ve gone to download it, I’ve looked at the size of the download and thought… meh, maybe not.

  • I want it in physical form because I am an old man like that.

    And/or haven’t got Live stuff going on 😛

  • I bought an Xbox arcade to play the first. Played it 6 times then gave the console to my sister for her birthday. She now uses the console as bookend.

  • WE WE SO EXCITED !!!! <sorry, it had to be done!

    Anyway, I must have played that game through nearly 20 times, I FRIKEN LOVE IT!!!!

    Cannot wait!!

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