Mortal Kombat DLC Hits This Wednesday, Says Retailer

Toys 'R' Us has let slip that Wednesday is when Mortal Kombat will let you unlock all that DLC on the disc, for a fee of course.


    If they provide the same option as AppStore.
    Unlock everything with a fee, while keep the option of unlocking everything with skills then I don't mind. Otherwise it is a rip off.

    This should be interesting with an overseas version :|

      You just need a US account. ;)
      Everything you download with it will work fine with your Aussie account.

      I read that the first DLC characters will be Henshi, Skarlett and (playable) Kintaro.
      I expect they will make a free version that gives you access to Kintaro, but includes data for the other characters to let you play online.

        And by Henshi, I of course mean Kenshi (the blind swordsman guy). Stupid fingers...

    It's cruel to put news about MK on the Aus Kotaku site considering wecan't buy it here :(

      But there is nothing stopping us from playing it here. I imagine the RC decision is only removing the impulse buying market in AU. Everyone who wants it is just getting from OS regardless.

        And there are those of us who have imported the game. Luckily mine got past customs. So being kept up to date about the DLC is welcome to me

    i had 4 different versions arrive without issue, hop online everybody.

    if you where to get a copy of the game here would we be able to access DLC on ether 360 or ps3??

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