Mortal Kombat: Legacy Puts The Thunder God Through Hell On Earth

In the latest episode of director Kevin Tancharoen's live-action Mortal Kombat: Legacy web series, the Thunder God Raiden choose a particularly inconvenient place to make his first appearance in the realm of mortals.

No one is ever going to believe you when you tell them you are a god. You could be decked out in otherworldly attire, radiating a healing light from your soul, and holding a very official-looking badge that declares that you are indeed from a higher plane of existence, and you'd still end up in a position similar to the one Raiden finds himself in here.

Of all the Mortal Kombat: Legacy episodes I've seen thus far, this one comes the closest to the look and feel of the original short that got Tancharoen the gig in the first place. It's dark and desperate with a slight wink at fans of the fighting franchise slipped in at the end.


    Just watched it, and it was frikkin awesome. This director knows what's the go.

    That was awesome.

    I can now pretend the Kitana episodes never happened.

      Lol, I agree. They were terrible. IMO, this has been the best yet. True to what the original clip of Jax/Scorpion, was going for.

    Wasn't exactly a thing like the game version of Raiden.

      Play the game then, this isn't meant to take the game mythos to account exactly how it is; it's re-imaging the mythos, with elements from the game.

    Ending: Gimme that hat! It's mine now!

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